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Which is better for you and your family? Which is better for the world?

Old heritage: A competitive and deceptive world impoverishing culture, or a 
New legacy: A freely collaborative and honest world enhancing culture

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Self-talk Creates Reality

Before Doing It, Align With It: Abraham-Hicks

Call for Compassion Charter

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The Empathic Civilization cbc

The Empire of Illusion cbc

Victoria Joy: (approx 12 mins in) Honour / Dishonour

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Gerson Therapy Explained

Proven Chronic Disease Remedy

remission workshop
remission workshop


Proven Vegetarian Therapy for Natural Remission of Chronic Diseases

Including- Cancer, Diabetes II, Fibromyalgia, TB, etc.

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The Beautiful Truth

Paradigm Shift: Your Power Over The Corporations

Western Roman Law Pt.1 - Frank O'Collins

Ungrip: Responsible Self-Governance

Legality & Symbols

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